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Unifier 400 enables monitoring of vehicles like Cold storage van, Trucks, and Goods wagon from a centralized server via a cellular network. It helps the customer to keep track of the fleet movement, vehicle health and it’s container status.


  • Location tracking
  • Container temperature monitoring
  • Driving behavior detection
  • FFT of 3 Axis Vibration
  • Auto data recovery in case of network failure
  • SSL/TLS security for communication
  • Disaster recovery of historical data
  • Built-in LTE modem
  • Remote configuration
  • Remote software upgradation
  • JSON message format
  • No coding skills required to use
Vehicle tracking



Temperature sensor-30º C to 85º C
3 Axis Vibration sensor-4 to 4 g, Hanning FFT
Door status sensorPotential free contact
GPS TrackingLongitude, Lattitude, Altitude, Speed
Processor ARM 32 bit
Cellular connectivityHSDPA (3G), LTE (4G)
Server-side protocolMQTT, FTP, HTTP


  • Vehicle location tracking
  • Vehicle health monitoring
  • Mobile Cold storage monitoring
  • Railway wagon monitoring

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